Who we are

We are five students from the University of Southern Queensland, currently enrolled in EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy:

Wendy Boman, Researcher/Facebook Promoter

 I am in my final semester studying Bachelor of Early Childhood. I work as an Assistant/ Group Leader in a Kindergarten room and love being a part of the children’s learning. I believe that by providing a broad range of ICT’s into the classroom we are promoting a greater range of learning opportunities. In today’s ICT savvy world, it is important for children to learn about technology that will support them in their future endeavours. I look forward to engaging with, and learning from, everyone throughout this event.

Cecilia Buckland, ICT support

I am a third year student, majoring in Early Childhood. I believe that it is paramount that educators recognise the value of ICTs in education as a means for meeting students needs to participate and contribute in the 21st century. It is this transformation of learning which reinforces a constructivist approach, which I think enhances the potential for students to achieve their educational goals. Pivotal to the integration of ICTs is the ability to allow the formation of knowledge to occur, through an interactive network of learners collaboratively engaging in their quest to make sense of the world. I hope to achieve improved understanding on the benefits of ICTs in early years learning whilst discovering new methods for teaching and refine my own pedagogical practice.

Wendy Neumann, Researcher

I am commencing my third year, also majoring in Early Childhood. My personal belief is that children learn through building on their personal talents and interests and it is the educators task to scaffold their learning so that they gain the utmost from their educational experience. I believe that ICT is such a pertinent part of our eduction system and there is a need to embrace it and make use of it as one of the many parts of our toolbox. My personal goal for this assignment is to build a firm knowledge of ICT practices that will lead me into assisting children to receive an efficient grounding in ICT practices in their future education.

Kate Reid, Event Moderator

Hi my name is Kate Reid and I am currently in my third year studying a Bachelor of Education, specializing in Early Childhood. I believe that social capabilities are vital to overall development, an idea which is strongly reflected within the Australian Curriculum. The effects of ICT integration into all learning areas is also of great interest to me, and I am very excited to take part in this online learning event to learn more about how social capabilities are influenced by ICT. I anticipate that we will all have different perspectives, and look forward to exchanging ideas with all participants.

Karen Thompson, Promotions / Twitter Feed

I am currently completing my final year of the Bachelor of Education Early Childhood.  I have always been passionate about early childhood education and now that I have young children of my own I am even more determined to enter the world of ‘teaching’.  I do not need convincing that ICT’s are useful and necessary tools which should be embraced by every teacher in every classroom, as is reflected in the Australian Curriculum.  But what I do crave is the knowledge of how to successfully utilise the abundance of ICT’s resources readily available-  How can I quickly access what I need and determine its effectiveness?  How can I become a capable user of such resources?  And which teaching strategies and classroom layout have proven success?  I hope to gain the answers to all of the above questions and much more via this online learning forum, so let’s get started.

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2 responses to “Who we are

  1. I love what you all have said, but Karen I understand your concerns as a Mother who also tries to navigate the web and find ways in which technology can influence my children’s lives in a positive, challenging yet creative safe way. I am often left feeling overwhelmed and short of time. I question how having your face glued to a computer while the world and the people who you should be engaging with face to face and building lasting bonds with are still thinking, discussing and expressing there feelings and thoughts about learning experiences. Already in today’s world we are busy and lost in technology with simple manners, smiles and kindness a thing of the pass, how can a computer teach empathy, compassion, communication and respect. I think technology has it’s place but it should never replace a dedicated teacher and classroom discussion environment were children visible see and hear all the diversity there world has to offer right in front of them.

  2. katereidedc3100

    Hello, and welcome to our event. Group 1 will be very happy to discuss your concerns re too much screen time during our event, and ask that from the 16th of August, you participate via the discussion tab at the top of the screen.Please log in using your name and feel free to address questions or comments directly to our experts or simply share your thoughts, experiences or ideas to all participants.
    Thank you

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